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We value our customers' experience at Saratoga Sports Massage. Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.

"I went for a 30 minute massage to help my lower back. The therapist used a gentle touch to get deep (not painful like other massages I've received!) and put an awesome cooling gel on my back to help with inflammation. Great experience, clean and friendly atmosphere. Next time, I'll spring for 60 minutes!"

"This is the first massage that I ever had, but it will not be the last. Dr. Matt Smith suggested that I request that attention be paid to my toes because I suffer from arthritis. The massage brought great relief. The entire experience was soothing and relaxing. I was pleased that I chose the 60 minute option."

"I have enjoyed receiving my massages. I have gotten 30 minute sessions which have proven to be very effective and has enabled Dr. Matt to adjust me with ease... Thank you!"

"Massage was recommended by Dr. Smith as part of my therapy and it was amazing! I am confident the massage was extremely helpful to my quick recovery. Gentle but effective. Thanks!"

"I had never had a massage before, but it was recommended by Dr. Smith in conjunction with his treatment. What a surprise! Very pleasant experience and extremely helpful to my neck pain. Great place, easy access, very friendly and an incredible massage. I'll be back regularly."

"Had a 60 minute massage - twice......loved every minute of it! The atmosphere is very relaxing. My therapist did a wonderful job in working on my trouble spots by using hot stones and a warm moist pad. It was wonderful!!"

"I have had many massages in my life, and my recent experience with Caitlyn was amazing. My lower back has been troublesome lately and she spent an entire half hour focused on the trouble spots. She was knowledgable, friendly, focused and determined to workout all my kinks. I left feeling relaxed and a million times better than when I got there! If you have a half hour to devote to your mind and body I would spend it at Saratoga Sports Massage!"

"Loved, loved, loved my massage with June! It was so relaxing, and June was so friendly and knowledgeable. The music and atmosphere are wonderful!"

"A great experience! Good atmosphere and a perfect way to start your day. I went for a 30 minute massage before my chiropractor appointment and I feel like a new man. Would recommend it to anyone wanting a relaxing massage experience."

"Saratoga Sports Massage is the place where heaven and earth meet with the touch of an angel. The ambiance, the aromas and the amiable staff all contribute to a massage that will lift you to the stratosphere. Book yourself, book a friend...you'll be glad that you did! Ask for June. Stress and June cannot remain in the same room!!"

"Had a great 30 minute massage. The therapist was very knowledgeable and did a great job working on my trouble spots. I will definitely be back for another massage."

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